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Foreign Students' Interviews

Monika, architecture historian and Tibetian Medicine teraupeut


- What insights did you get from this course?

«It was my first experience and it convinced me that this Hunyuan school is strong and deep teaching of human mind and body, so I want to go more into it. Kind of thirst for the teaching appeared strongly.

I understood that there is not only my body and space around it, but both are interconnected. For example, room above me is not just like some Cosmos but like my own physio-mental space, so I can feel it like myself. Besides, one day I got clear vision, how my dantjan looks like. Of course, the vision did not stay and as Shifu said, we do not have to stuck in visions. So, I let it go. Another important aspect was understanding the term of "emptiness" which is not shunyata but the room you’ve just moved away. Brilliant!”

- Sounds great! What exercises impressed you more?

“Most of all I like mabu exercises to get koa flexible and powerful. I do not know clearly yet how to use this force but I hope that day comes. Rolling on the ground was great relax. Also eight palms are perfect exercises for koa and keeping center, it gives special power for hands and new directions to move. Of course those exercises may make you proud. 

I understood that pair exercises and tuishou keeps the energy flowing and it is kind of giving present to other person. One can express his own skills and learn something from his partner. Actually the more I perform, the more I like. In tuishou I actually have too little experience and as following lack of confidence.”.

- Does Qigong help you in life?

“Yes, it lessens the gravitation! Movements of body are more precise, soft and need less force. Makes more self-confident, so it turns mind too”.

- Okay! Did you remember some special words of Shifu?

 “Unfortunately I did not understand in Russian language all the details and I am afraid I missed a lot. Maybe some visual schemes would help. But I will remember forever Shifu's explanation about emptiness.”

- What are you going to do now after the course is finished? 

“I will exercise a lot, and will try to get to perfection. I also have some thoughts how to share it with others. Thank you, Shifu!”

Jarno, specialist in a printing house


- What were your main impressions from this teacher’s course in Hunyuan school?

“Maybe that’s how we can find relaxation and softness by doing kind of difficult and physically hard exercises. It’s important to understand both sides of the coin, so to say – the relaxation and the hardness, and at the same time the area in between them. Shifu once said: relaxation comes in time. So only time matters and the efforts put into the action. The more we practice, the better results we get”.

- Do you like tuishou and pair practices?

“Oh they are great! Pair exercises and pushing hands improve our sensitivity, we learn how to listen to our partner. And this helps in life! For me pushing hands is like a chess play – there are thousands of options of attacking and defensing in both these arts. It’s also like a conversation – as Shifu says “high-level spontaneous dialogue”. And this is exactly what comes into real life, when we socialize with others”. 

-What are going to do now after the teacher’s course is finished?

“I’m going to use these skills and knowledge for good. I will practice further and I’m hoping to grow and share it with others”.